I believe the Nigerian constitution provides for most of the things listed below, will still share few but pledge to uphold the constitution which is supreme than any one’s manifesto. Personally, for me, after meeting many of our youth, leaders and elders, trade unions and NGOs, from various walks of life, I have decided to run for the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, where the YEEEEEEES ideals can and will be for every citizen of Nigeria. YE7S encapsulates our vision and mission, with it being our manifesto lines.

To regain our unity and recapture the spirit of our nationhood we must all put aside our differences, and this will allow us to create a better and greater Nigeria. I believe, like many of you here, that Nigeria should be better than it currently is.

YEEEEEEES highlights the Nigerian Constitution. The Nigerian Constitution is supreme and above all manifestos.


Y – We have the Youth and the experience of our elders and both are needed to make Nigeria a greater nation. We have the abilities to meet our challenges because we have the most needed resources: human capital and our blessing of natural resources that abound in the country, plus millions of highly skilled Nigerians in the diaspora. As we gain our strength and rightful position in the world, we will help lead the African continent and rightly be the GIANT OF AFRICA. The world will know indeed that Nigeria is here at last. THE BRIDGE between the have and have nots will be met by the Bridge voters. We shall rise quickly as a nation, and our citizens will be highly revered and respected.


E, our Education, is failing. Many have called for a national emergency in the education sector and educational standards are actually declining in parts of our country. Therefore, there is an urgent need to overhaul our education system. The world is rapidly changing whilst Nigeria seem to be lagging behind, analogue in a digital age. Nigerian higher institutions should begin to encourage research work and come out with practicable solutions, such that, when executed, they will serve a purpose in the areas of improving Nigerians socially, her economy and make an impact outside the country.

Much more can be done and we must explore ways to invest in the young, because they are our future. I know the value of education. I know the difference that skills and know-how can make and we will strategies with local and state leaders to ensure that Nigeria becomes a nation where education and skills can take centre stage.


E. Energy is one of our country’s major hindrances, slowing the progress and development of our country. We have spent billions of dollars and tried privatised formerly public companies, yet we are still lacking light. The damage we are causing our country through pollution from generators is also a cause of environmental hazards. I can assure Nigerians that within 24 months, our capacity for generating power will double.

Energy, electricity and power are needed by all, and with an increase in our output and production we will see growth in all industries, potentially adding more than $1tr to our GDP and this will increase living standards and life expectancies. With better delivery and greater access to power, more investors will be destined for Nigeria, creating jobs and bringing change. We shall embrace new ways of providing energy in this technological revolution, to enhance our productivity, provide consumables to all and strengthen our institutions, eliminating economic failures and failings.


I started the YE7S with the youth. But please, let’s make no mistake in forgetting our Elders. I am very happy to say that our elders will be provided for, far and beyond what they have seen. I have total respect for their tenacity and hard work. We cannot continually blame them for our failings. You can only blame a learned person for failing. As a mentor, your best weapon to your mentee is your life history, successes and failures, and we have a lot to learn from our elders.


The lastis for Experts, Experience, Equality, Enforcement of policies, rules & laws. We shall Encourage Innovations from our youths and creative minds. The enforcement and improvement of Law and Order is absolutely important for our economy to improved. We have suffered untold hardship from corrupt practices by many, which have affected our economy and people. We shall use technology to close many of the loop holes and this will deal a massive blow to such practices and help bring offenders to justice. No case will stay in court beyond the time frame limit set on matters of criminal and corrupt offenses.


The last letter, S, in our YEEEEEEES is fully focusing on security. Without security, a poor man, a rich woman, the youth, and all others in Nigeria will not be able to enjoy the benefits of living in our great nation. Having all the above without having your Security assured makes life painful and bitter.

There is no joy in enjoying the success of a thriving Nigeria without security. We shall therefore strengthen our armed forces starting with reform of the Police. We shall increase their budget to fully train and equip them with the necessary tools to fight crime. They shall be protecting the people and their honour will be increased through their duty and role.

To me, police officers are as important as any officer or executive in Nigeria. Their job is NOT to PROTECT THOSE THAT HAVE the RESOURCES TO HIRE PRIVATE SECURITY OFFICERS, but to deal with anyone breaking the law and safeguarding the properties and belongings of the common people.

All options will be explored to help reduce crime. And as shared before on equality, whoever is found guilty will face the full force of the law.
Finally, on security – let this be a warning to the foreign killers in Nigeria. Leave the country now. It is the end of the road. This bridge will not allow you to cross over into killing our people, burning our properties. We need peace, we shall provide peace and protect our people equally without favour to any particular group of people. We need peace and security for our economy to grow. That will benefits our tourism  industries to functioned, manufacturing to expands, etc.


E in YE7S means our Economy and we sincerely do need diversification, moving away from oil to manufacturing and services. Those running small to medium sized enterprises need our support to start and grow their business. The failings of the economy can be and will be transformed without delay. There are professionals in our country that have worked with major international organisations that need to be brought in to help leaders implement transformative policies. From improving roads so it is easier to transport goods, to improving the banking system so that businesses can receive investments, we will make sure these policies are introduced without hesitation.


E. Our Employment will be to reduce the high level of unemployment seen in the country over the years. The world is in the era of technology. We shall empower the innovative minds and brains of our people, from our youth to the elders, and I believe we have what it takes to compete globally. I have seen first-hand what can be done for job creation in many industries – from sports, to entertainment, skilled labour, infrastructural projects, and financial services, we have the resources here to create the jobs. Billions can be generated when we develop and nurture the best of our talents. But our most important industry is our small to medium sized businesses and we must work with our financial institution to provide them with good incentives in the way to go.


E. Enterprise here describes agriculture, health, the labour market and similar industry. There is no need to bore you now, with all of our nations’ challenges. Our best doctors, nurses and engineers are regularly leaving Nigeria to go abroad and we cannot fault them.

People are prone to seeking greener pastures, and it is time for Nigeria to become that greener pasture. It is wrong for us to abuse anyone for doing such, and we should appreciate them for sending funds and remittance back to Nigeria, which last year totalled nearly $22 billion.

A healthy nation is a wealthy one. We have the potential of wealth but not healthy. But our people are dying, they cannot even be examined in a hospital, let alone get the prescriptions they need. I know things about health. My child is a medical doctor. We shall, without delay, turn the tables upside down. I guarantee full assurance as written in our Nation’s constitution. There is going to be rapid increase in basic health care services across the country. (facing one of the latest challenges such drug abuses etc)

Agriculture is also part of the profit-making enterprises which Nigeria needs to explore. For the record, not everyone needs to be a farmer. In life, we all have a different calling. As I stand here I can proudly say that I studied Agriculture and Irrigation Engineering at Hassan Usman Polytechnic in Katsina. I do know more than that of others.  We need to improve our farming equipment and secure the best crops and cattle for our growth, as well as improving storage facilities and this will propel us to advance in our agriculture production.

Infrastructure – according to Jega, Human (national) development is about meeting and satisfying basic human needs and aspirations, protecting their freedoms and rights, minimising risks to their survival, enhancing human security, and empowering them to tap and maximise their potential.

This is the nucleus to sustainable development and economic competitiveness. My dear country lacks infrastructure developments and this reduces our growth by as much 45% (ICA,2010). Bad roads, a lack of housing, etc……We need to encourage our Government Ministries, Departments And Parastatals’ Publication to be more accountable in their expenditure. This will reduce corruption and helps boost our economy. We have experts in the accounting industry and we need to improve the competitiveness of our private sector, so it can compete on the world stage.

And finally, myself personally, as an ardent user and advocate for Made in Nigeria Products ( I designed a shoe and other products), will ensure that our products are improved and promoted, in Nigeria and globally. These things, I believe, will improve our economy.

Today no nation can shy away from the usage of technology. It rules the world. Nigeria cannot be different. We shall unleash Nigeria into the technological age. For us to be richer than we are currently, we must embrace innovations and technology and I believe our economy will benefit from it. The Nigerian nation has all the endowment and resources to ranked as the richest African nations. It is time Nigeria advanced with the advancement of this age.

For example, Nigeria is blessed with a large land mass for agriculture in this land are other natural resources and minerals ready to create wealth for the country. I want to see technology made in Nigeria.