The YES Nigeria Movement is born out of the need to give the citizens and most especially the electorates the avenue of positive deliverable policies and progressive ideas on a solidarity which is putting Nigeria first in our call, for the benefit of making Nigeria a better and greater nation.

The Yes Nigeria Movement is utilising this platform to mobilise the electorates to vote and be able to present a candidate to be voted for.


The platform has no intention to coerce or manipulate anybody into belonging to any political party.

The focal interest of YES Nigeria movement is to educate the citizens on their civil and human rights.

Secondly and of equal importance is to create an enabling environment for youths and marginalize non-voting electorates to demonstrate their political interest. It is only through their participation that they can truly effect the desired change they are clamouring for.

Therefore it is completely not out place for youths & other electorates from the various parts of the country having the intention, leadership qualities and the wherewithal, to quickly identify themselves with certain political role or offices they may wish to aspire for and declare their intends following appropriate formats and processes.

The movement will scrutinize interested candidates and having satisfied the YES criteria, the political arm of the Yes movement will render its support.

The YES Nigeria movement remain open to support credible candidates from other political parties once found to posses’ credible particulars and leadership credentials.

The YES Nigeria movement welcomes your inputs. Building and strengthening a nation involves all well-meaning and good people of the country.