1. An all inclusive Nigerian, positive and solution-oriented ideologically driven Movement.
  2. YES is a Nigerian movement passionate in building a better and greater nation.
  3. YES believe in the modern best global practice of democratic practice and system.
  4. YES focuses on generation of leaders and electorates forming solidarity and committed to all inclusive ownership of the entity Nigeria equally for a better democratic system.
  5. YES put you and the nation first.


YES vision and goal is to support, encourage and provide our platform and organisation to credible, transparent and accountable leadership needed in today’s Nigeria and the expectation on the country across the African continent and the world at large


  1. To mobilize credible national leaders as well as identified them for elective posts.
  2. To move from movement into an organisation training and empowering people into political path bringing with it a new and fresh solution for political system with a mandate of national development, socially, economically and in strengthening prosperous Nigeria where all have equal access to developed.
  3. YES, Support and create an opportunity where our talented people are provided opportunities to shines.
  4. YES, bring about positive ideologies and fundamentals as seen where accountable and transparent democracy is deliverable to the electorates.
  5. YES, take and respect the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as may be amended supreme and above all.
  6. YES, to more access in Nation building from women and youths with talents and creativity to develop the nation and make Nigeria Greater.
  7. YES is totally accountable to every single Nigerians. Good governance and leadership.


YES as a word is the most used and spoken. This was adopted as a name of the positive and solution-oriented movement in Nigeria. It was formed by patriotic, ordinary and committed Nigerians whom cut across diverse career lines, lifestyles and livelihood both in the public and private sector.

One thing that unites and hold YES platform together is the development of Nigeria, her unity, accountable utilisation of natural resources and human capital towards building a globally acceptable nation, a hub of economic and social engagement on the African continent and attracting people and investments from around the World.

YES is the positive and solution oriented first ever movement in Nigeria and started in 2017. It focuses on

  1. Building electorates and searching for potential political candidates and leaders to join politics and seeking for elective posts.

1A. Educate, mobilise, enlighten and encourages the electorates about their political rights and voting power.

We have been able to achieve the above by working with other organisations, parties and movements in organising workshops, conferences and enlightenment programmes.

  1. YES other aim is conceived as an ideologically social and people centred political movement and platform for political party activities and engagement under the YES name.

YES took the mandate to register after getting and passing all the legal frameworks successfully and receiving an approval from the authority. Since the emergence of the YES Movement many others have appeared with various concepts or ideologies. Other organisations have been attracted towards us based on our unique trending ways, mantra and approaches. Where possible and as seen or noted in global democratic processes, YES will formed strategies and affiliation with similar focused organisations or groups for the benefit of the nation’s development; will explore forming electoral merger and alliance with other political parties, organisations, movements, groups and parties to strengthen the democratic principles in Nigeria under the constitutional rights of every citizen.

YES believes to achieve meaningful evolution all electorates must joined hands in solidarity to the yearnings of the majority in any given subject or matter towards a quality, well structured, organised and delivery of good governance and leadership. Many Nigerians seek constitutional amendments, power balancing and restructuring, stronger governance with the people at local level, unbiased working system; strengthen the sovereignty of the constitution taking into consideration any new calls for amendments while holding at all times the human rights of every citizen of Nigeria. Finally, every citizen had equal rights from the bottom up and vice versa.

YES political aim and goal is wholly and totally committed to its members and the nation’s Supreme constitution.

YES Nigeria will share with Nigerians fresh and new leadership at best global practises to satisfaction of many good leadership and governance while collectively participates in building the nation as encouraged, mobilised and shared by YES.

YES method and strategy is putting the country first. The nation is first.

YES is an individually driven, with members across the wards, constituencies, local governments, states and the Diaspora.

It is socially moderated, equally important for all citizens’ economic subsistence gains, broad-based, liberally in the middle with centrist obedience to rule of law.

YES to increase in women governance

YES to our languages and tribe

YES to basic education system

YES to advance security order

YES to our diverse ethnicities

YES to religious freedom

YES to good health care

YES We Can surely

YES You Can